WATMM Illustrated 1

ink/water + paper
inspired by this post on watmm.com:

panz0r – Posted 13 December 2010 – 07:52 AM
i´ll try to make it short (but i really should write a book about this, TOTALLY über-weird, irritating and scary experience): i met her 4 weeks ago. one week before the funeral of her child (born dead), i knew she was engaged – she took me to her home, i met her fiancé (yes, of course he was pissed, because he knew that i just wasn´t some kind of non-sexual friend of her) . she is 13 years younger than me, very sexually suggestive. she wanted me to be her lover, but i couldn´t, because of the funeral, her fiancé and her past (sexual abuse etc.). she told me not to care about all this and (i know my soul will rot in hell for this)…well we had sex, spent time together, i was her lover for a few weeks. for the entire length of our “relationship” i always had that gut feeling telling me something wasn’t right. she was telling me obviously made up stories, a lot of that didn´t even made sense. but we had fun, so i didn´t really care about these little confusing bits – she was cute and i liked to hang out with her. but the last 5 days….a few catchwords

* her fiancé almost killed her pet-pig because she told him she wanted to be with me
* she tried to kill herself while driving her car and talking with me on the phone
* she wanted to move in with me (yeah lol)
* Her fiance injured her ex-ex-BF because he was jealous of me (and i don´t even know her ex-ex)
* she wanted to kill herself with a knife while talking to me on the phone (i called a friend who lives near her place and asked him to look after her – she had already slit up her arms…ambulance etc.)
* her mother told her it was her own fault that she was abused at the age of 7 (W_T_F_!)

and she is back with her guy again.

if you ever meet a borderline-girl: run, seriously, run as fast as you can.